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Performance measurement

The efficiency of any business or service area primarily lies in the efficiency of business processes in the certain field, therefore when examining and improving efficiency, business process analysis and efficiency improvement cannot be avoided

Business process development can be 'basic, radical and dramatic' (Business Process Re-engineering - BPR), or partial and gradual (Business Process Improvement - BPI). We always suggest the necessary depth of re-engineering of the organization and the business processes to our clients; where re-engineered business processes are harmonized with the organizational structure and the IT systems and they serve corporate business interests more efficiently.

We provide the following BPR services to our clients:

- Assessment of processes, organization and operations
- Design organizational and operational concepts and process model
- Business process engineering, re-engineering, regulation and implementation
- Implementation of complex corporate process management system
- Audit (re-)engineered processes
- Process engineering and regulation related to IT system implementation.
We document existing and designed processes using IT tools according to our clients' needs