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Business process efficiency improvement

Business Process Re-engineering - BPR :

Basically, BPR involves the radical redesign of business procedures so that dramatic performance improvements can be obtained relative to cost, speed, quality and service. BPR does not aim for gradual change, rather it stresses the need to totally rethink and rework organizational structures so that essential procedures are practically reinvented.

We always suggest the necessary depth of re-engineering of the organization and the business processes to our clients; where re-engineered business processes are harmonized with the organizational structure and the IT systems and they serve corporate business interests more efficiently.





This way, by focusing on procedural impediments to higher productivity, BPR ensures that any redesign of work processes results in inefficiency being weeded out, while effectiveness is built back in. The benefits of BPR can be numerous if carried out properly.

We provide the following BPR services to our clients:

- Assessment of processes, organization and operations
- Design organizational and operational concepts and process model
- Business process engineering, re-engineering, regulation and implementation
- Implementation of complex corporate process management system
- Audit (re-)engineered processes
- Process engineering and regulation related to IT system implementation.
We document existing and designed processes using IT tools according to our clients' need.