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Development Process

The documentation of the completed projects will convince you of the high standard of our software engineering.

In the course of development, the Select Perspective system development methodology, supported by the Select Enterprise case tool, is used, which is an advanced object-oriented design methodology. However, we are able to use the conventional structured methodology (SSADM) as well.

Application programming begins with analysis and design, which is strongly supported by standardization of prototypes. The first step is the problem analysis (analysis of the present data and the perspective basic concept) in order to ascertain the profitability of the planned project.

This is followed by iterative and incremental development. Its particularly advantageous because the user is given a tangible result earlier and the risk of the project is smaller.One of the design steps of is test design. Testing is carried out automatically with a testing tool on the basis of the test designs, which is run prior to every delivery.